Soil Improvements

Here you will find a range of our Soil Improvement capability.

Earth Embankment

Slopes between 60° – 65°. Typically can be created with horizontal reinforcement design and installed typically of length 70% vertical height Granular stone or growing medium facing.

Sometimes no amount of decorative brickwork, timber facing or planting can prevent a retaining wall or similar structure from looking out of place and in conflict with its surroundings. Excavation in unstable slopes and poor ground can be a real problem when the maintenance of the natural beauty of parkland, landscaped gardens or in a protected green environment are major issues.

A real benefit for natural environments, where retaining structures would either be inappropriate or too constraining, reinforced slopes offer a landscaped alternative encouraging vegetative growth and a less imposing aspect. Within months grasses and mosses grow through the synthetic mesh facing creating a fully planted out bank which gives the impression of disappearing seamlessly into the environment.

This type of retaining system is often surprisingly economic where there is scope and space for design and installation on site.

A reinforced slope solution with ground reinforcement can be just one part of a complete package of services we supply to major construction sites across the UK; at Geoforte you can also find specialist foundation piling, retaining walls and a range of other ground stabilisation techniques expertly applied to even the most challenging ground conditions.

Soil Nails

We offer a variety soil nailing solutions for slope stabilisation/temporary retention works.

  • Non anchored
  • Grouted Bar
  • Ductile Pipe system
  • Anchored
  • Rock Drilled grouted bar
  • Mechanical

Screw Piles

The screw piles can be installed without the need for concrete or grout, which allows them to be used in rail or highway situations where limited time may be available to install them, and where simplicity to finished installation is essential. Method is virtually vibration-free and no louder than the installing rig- commonly JCB or small loader type.

Electro-Kinetic Osmosis

One process that could greatly enhance the transportation of chemicals through the soil is electro-osmosis.

Electro osmosis is a under-utilised technique that has the potential to improve the foundations of existing structures in the UK. The largest potential benefit is the avoidance of far more disruptive underpinning operations. Clay is 5000 times more porous under an electrical gradient than normal. When an electrical potential is created a charge is forced between the electrodes. The anode releases cations that migrate towards the cathode along with water. The cations chemically change the physico-chemical properties of the soil.

Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI)

A 2D tool to recognise tree related subsurface desiccation. Non-Invasive Tool to assess tree-induced subsidence. By characterising seasonal subsurface moisture content distribution. Helps to define the architecture of the tree root system.